Sycamore Gap 1.

Polaroids are almost unique within photography in that the camera produces an original.
      I have travelled the country with 8x10 inch film and a Sinar P2 view camera to some of the most iconic photography locations to capture pure, original photographs; large format polaroids that are tangible, not reproducible digital images.
     The disadvantage with this type of photography is in the handmade nature of the film. The black and white images take on a sepia tone in the first few weeks after development and in the colour range, the tones are not precise.
     To overcome this, the images are preserved by scanning as soon as development is complete (usually by 24 hours). This allows production of a very limited edition of prints showing how the original appeared.
     It also gives a chance to edit out the imperfections that are inherent with polaroids.
     Polaroid photography is an imprecise art and that’s celebrated in these original pictures whose component parts; the film and chemistry, came with me to each location.


Exhibition Prices.

Original 8x10 inch Polaroid Framed - £275

23.2x29cm Prints Unframed Edition of 5 - £95 each.



Sycamore Gap 2.

First Picture - 8x10 Polaroid. Second Picture - Edited print.

All original pictures are 8x10 inches and float mounted in their frames and protected behind non reflective Art Glass

Limited edition prints are of an edition of 5 and 23.2 x 29.0 cm. Apart from 'Trafford Centre' which is 16.3 x 29.0 cm.

Float Mounted and framed behind non reflective Art Glass

Float Mounted and framed behind non reflective Art Glass